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Check out our cabins from the cozy one bedroom to the rambling farm house or the main lodge house. There is something for nearly every size group!

#1 This is what still looks like. The first one, a little more secluded, Beautiful! 06-8-2013 021 Little St. Germain Lake views from Cabin 5 1dinging 1dining

Cabin 1

Two bedroom and one bath cabin offering 1 queen bed and 2 twin beds.

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Cabin 2 is ready for the summer! A deer proof pot of flowers decorates near Cabin 2 Cabin 2 Cabin 2 bathroom remodel 2bed 2-dining1

Cabin 2

Two bedrooms, offering 2 queen beds and 2 twin beds. One of each in each bedroom.

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Cabin 3 Cabin 3 has lots of living space Kitchen & dining area Porch, #3 Cabin 3 Cabin 3, queen bedroom 20140516_155305 Cabins 4 and 3 in the foreground, 5 in the background

Cabin 3

Three bedrooms, offering 2 queen beds and 1 full bed. (Winter friendly!)

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Cabin 4, Winter Cabin 4 from the lake Cabin 4, 2014 Spring Cabin 4, Spring 2014 4-twinbed 4-porch cabin4

Cabin 4

Two bedrooms, offering 1 queen bed and 2 twin beds

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Cabin 5 View from the winterized double bedroom, #5 Double bed, lakeview room, #5 Porch & lake-facing bedroom #5 Full kitchen in Cabin 5 Little St. Germain view from Cabin 5 New hardwood floors cabin 5 cabin5 (2) Cabin 5 and winter snow fall-5-6

Cabin 5

Three bedrooms, offering 1 queen bed, 1 full bed and a bunk & a twin bed. Sporting a great new elevated deck. Winter Friendly!

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Winter 2013 Fall Cabin 6 New Bedding King Bed, Cabin 6 Living room, #6 Kitchen #6 phone July 004 c6

Cabin 6

Romantic one bedroom, offering a king bed and new grand deck! Winter Friendly!

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View from cabin 7 Master Bath #7 Kitchen, #7 Living room, Cabin 7 06-8-2013 018 Winter 2013-1 Cabin 7, queen with lake views 7bath

Cabin 7

Large 3 bedroom, 2 bath, offering a queen master, a queen with lake views and 3 twins. Winter Friendly!

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Main House #8 Fall Color Cabin 8 Living room, #8 Main House #8 Main House #8 Cabin 8 to lake route Main House #8 snowplay

Main House #8

This one really is a house with 4 bedrooms and two bathrooms, air-conditioning, dishwasher and winter friendly

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Farm House #9 Farm House #9 Farm House #9 Farm House #9 Farm House #9 Farm House #9 Farm House #9 Farm House #9

Farm House #9

We recently purchased the house next door which was the original home to the property before it was broken up into lots. While never really a "farm house" it has that rambling feeling of one. Three bedrooms + a loft bedroom, 2 bathrooms, AC, Laundry and more. Winter and pet friendly

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Lake Home #10 Lake Home #10 Lake Home #10 Lake Home #10 Lake Home #10 Lake Home #10 Lake Home #10 Lake Home #10

Lake Home #10

A beautiful lake front home with stunning views. Very comfortable. The perfect choice when you want something special. Two upstairs bedrooms, a king and a queen and a family downstairs with another queen and a kids loft with two twins. 3 baths, 4-season and pet friendly

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