Resort changes in an era of Covid-19, Coronavirus
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Resort Changes in the Era of Covid-19

We are making changes to provide you and your family, our staff and our own families a safer environment. Continue reading to see what we are doing to get ready for visitors this summer.


Safe-in-Place at our Place                                                                                              Most recent update: 02/16/2021

Here at Cedaroma Lodge it is our goal to offer guests a safer vacation environment so they may continue family traditions and build Northwoods memories. I can't think of a better place to socially distance than Cedaroma Lodge. Below is a list of changes we have implemented. This list is subject to change as we get new information and adjust for seasonal practices.

  • Cleanliness is First!   Always. We first rid the cabins of dirt and germs, then sanitize. We have prided ourselves on our clean cabins for years and you’ve noticed and commented. Thank you! This year we have researched and discovered new products and changed some of our housekeeping jobs around to best meet the needs with efficiency.

  • Sanitizing of Dishes, Cups and Silverware: All cabins now have dishwashers. Washing dishes by hand is no longer good enough. 

  • Blankets and Quilts: We purchased a second set of blankets and quilts for each bed and remove and sanitize them between guests. Please consider bringing your own pillows for this visit. 

  • Contactless Checkin/Checkout: We have adjusted our checkin/out process so that you never have to stop at the office. Please head straight to your cabin, it will be open and ready for you at the time agreed to on your confirmation email. Give me a call if you would like a tour, wish to record damages or have questions. We put our Guest Guide online so you have all the details about a Cedaroma Visit long before you arrive. Beginning May 2021 we will have guests prepaid using either Venmo or by mailing a check. The credit card payment remains an option with our 3.45 fees passed on to you. If it is your preference to pay in cash you can make that arrangement in advance. Only the rental of a pontoon or fishing boat requires a personal interaction with a bit of training/review and paperwork. This isn't to say we aren't available... We are! And we love working with you to make your stay the best ever.

  • Additional Time Between Guest Arrival and Departure: in order to provide a safer environment for all of our guests, the Cedaroma Team and our families, the schedule for summer weekly guests will be arrivals after 4pm on Sunday, departure before midnight Saturday.  Saturday all day is yours to enjoy the resort, but plan on leaving sometime after dinner or enjoy a final evening at the fire pit, then head home. We will use the overnight to air out the cabins before our teams enter the units the next morning and the next set of guests arrive. This will have been done for your visit, and the next one after you and so on. We are also employing additional sanitation processes that take more time. Yes, we are giving full-rate weekly rentals a credit equal to half a day of your cabin rate.

    • Partial week visits in the off-season: Your transitions will not include the guarantee of an empty night prior to your arrivals. Since we are not transitioning all of the houses and cabins in one day, we are able to do the extra duties on the same day. If the extra time is an important feature to you, but you are unable to stay a full week, talk to us. Perhaps a different cabin has a schedule that will work better for your needs. 

  • Cancellation Policy Changes: We have adjusted our cancellation policy because 60 days out is just too far out to know where we are in the evolution of the disease and if any of your family or ours has been affected. Know that there are options and give us a call. In short notice cases, documentation may be required. 

    • Reschedule to a new week in 2021, no cancellation fee. Cabin rate will be based on the new week's rate

    • Move  your visit to the same week in 2022, no cancellation fee

    • Cancel all together, receive your deposit back, less the $100 cancellation fee

  • Strategically Placed Hand Sanitizer Stations: we have installed hand sanitizer stations around the resort for your convenience. Remember to wash your hands frequently and to social distance from other guests as these two efforts are most effective against the virus The resort equipment: chairs, picnic tables, kayaks, canoes, bicycles, pontoons, fishing boats, hammocks, playgroud equipment and so on are stored outside, in the sun, a natural killer of the virus. 

  • YogaPaddler Classes: We will have classes this summer outside. If we have 10 or less people total, we will yoga on the beach on Tuesdays and Fridays at 10am. If we are more than 10 people we will hold our practice at the volleyball court where we are able to spread out. SUP Yoga will be on Saturdays at 10am. Please RSVP for SUP Yoga, $25 per class and each class is an hour of instruction, 1/2 hour of paddling and includes the paddle board rental. Classes will start June 27th and run through August. We have room for make up sessions if we are rained out. to book your space. Classes to begin again in June 2021

  • YogaPaddler Rentals: Our equipment is stored outside in the sunlight, a natural defense against the the virus. 

Local Businesses:  St. Germain Sentry, will take orders by email, They will shop for you, call with a total and load into your car for a completely contact-free service. Trig's in Eagle River will deliver for a small fee. 
This is a frequently changing scene and you should call ahead to your favorite places to see who is open/not open, delivering or not. 

Together, we can do this. Cedaroma Lodge is large enough with a big enough beach area that we can successfully social distance and still enjoy most of the amenities separately, together. With social distancing, wearing masks when appropriate, and keeping gatherings small we can all stay safe and healthy. 

 As of February, 2021 we have had zero known cases of Covid positive guests of staff at the resort. We attribute this to our aggressive plan, flexible cancellation plan and our conscientious guests. Thank you!

We are really looking forward to welcoming you this year! 

Lynn & Victor
Cedaroma Lodge

PS: If you have chosen home-school or distance learning for your kids this year, imagine all the great things that can be learned with an off-season trip to the Northwoods. We have good internet and would welcome families who are able to both work & learn from home. Join us here and continue the education in our wilderness at great rates!

If you are a traveler looking to join us summer of 2021, our availability is updated online from the link: Dates  Rates    

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