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Make Me an Offer
Make Me an Offer
Make Me an Offer

I have some fantastic cabin opportunities that we would like to see filled. With our Make Me an Offer program you can travel last minute at great savings. 

Make Me an Offer: How it works  2-ways to stay!

1. You tell me the dates you want to travel, number of people and any special criteria. Then make me your best offer and I will decide if we can accept or not. 

2. I will publish a Make me an Offer opportunity on the Facebook page, In that post you will see the dates and the deadline. We will choose the best offer from those submitted and announce the winning offer by the end of the posted deadline. These are almost always last minute deals. 

When drafting your offer, we have a mortgage to cover, and generally look to get paid for the rental, however, we might accept offers of vacation destination trades, massages, fancy dinners, interesting activities, new signage for the resort at the lake front... If you have a special skill we just might need what you do well. 

We have accepted win-win offers that included crane work, belly dancing classes, one on one dog training, a marketing audit, small engine repair, roofing discount and a few other odd offers. The offers have been varied and interesting and we love what folks come up with. I look forward to hearing your offer!  Let me note that if your offer involves food, I eat a plant based diet. That's right, no meat or dairy. Consider offering a win-win price along with something special from the heart. My last winning offer of this sort included a pot of Lentil soup. The options are endless! 

We hope to welcome you to Cedaroma Lodge. Offers should be emailed to me:

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