Pet Policy
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Pet Policy

Pet Policy

Pet Policy

We love our dog and enjoy meeting those of our guests. It is important with a shared space resort to have policies in place that assures that all guests, those with and without pets, are having the best vacation possible. No pet is allowed to disturb the experience of another guest. So here are the basics:

  •  For the comfort and safety of our summer guests: there are no pets allowed in cabins 1-5 and 7 during peak summer weeks.

  • During non-peak dates, we do allow pets in all cabins. Cabins 6, 8, 9, 10, and 11 allow pets year round. 

  • Pets are not allowed in the beach area between cabins 1 and 4 but are welcome to swim east of cabin 4 beyond the H dock. 

  • Unannounced pets could be refused accommodation.

  • We are glad to supply bags for you to clean up after your dog. We are not glad if we have to clean up after your dog.

  • Pets are defined as dogs, cats, and birds with a maximum 2 pets per cabin/house.

  • Unless in the lake, your dogs must be on a leash at all times when in public areas including the resort cabins 1-7 and the basketball area. Pets may swim and boat without a leash, but you need to have them under voice command. Some of our neighbors are sensitive that Cedaroma visiting pets stay on Cedaroma property.

  • For the comfort of all guests please ensure that your pet does not disturb the vacation experience of other guests. This includes barking and unwelcome approaches. I do keep notes of barking dogs. They are not welcome back. 

 The pet owner accepts full responsibility for and liability arising from the pet (including but not limited to: property damage to the resort or personal injury to guests, associates, or 3rd party). If yours is a muddy, fun loving pet, we have throws for the furniture, just ask us. 
We want to successfully have you bring your pet and enjoy Cedaroma with your family. It is important to respect the space of others and their vacation quality. Be polite and sensitive to your surroundings and fellow resort guests. Be certain that you and your pet are a good fit for a shared-space vacation such as a resort offers. If your pet is causing a disturbance, we can ask that the pet be removed from the resort.