Directory of Services
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Directory of Services

Directory of Services

Accommodations Include
Your first pot of custom Cedaroma blend coffee, basic kitchenware, salt and pepper, charcoal grill, dish soap, toilet tissue, shampoo and conditioner, hand soap, garbage bags, one set of kitchen towels, waste basket liners and one set of bath towels per registered guest. Early May to Mid October, rentals include one row boat OR dockage for your own boat. The public boat launch is off Birchwood Drive along the north shore of the West Bay and is noted on the map page of the website:

Bicycles, Basketball, Volleyball and Horseshoes
These are free amenities of the resort and you are welcome to use them anytime you like, first come first served. The sanitizer can has a spray solution for the helmet. The basket/volleyballs are in the blue covered container near the basketball court, the horseshoes are at the horseshoe pit and the bicycles are at the back of the big garages. Helmets available. Please help yourself, first come first served. The St. Germain Bicycle Trail starts at the corner of South Bay Road on the South side of highway 70, just two houses East of us. PLEASE return bicycles to the rack at the end of every day so others may also enjoy them. Wipe the bike down with sanitizer after use please. 

Boat and Motor Rentals
If you have reserved a motor for a fishing boat or one of the pontoons for your stay it will be ready for you on the day you arrive. All boats must be checked out with a Cedaroma Team Member. Marine rentals require a $100 damages security deposit. Deposits will be refunded at the conclusion of a successful boat check-in, less gas used, small damages, and return of keys and anchors. If staying with us between June 7th and September 7th, boat returns must be completed the day prior to your departure. Please call 715-479-1040 to schedule the return. Deposits are refunded when we check your boat back in. You are responsible for all boat/motor damages, the deposit may not cover all costs and additional charges may occur. Failure to have your boat checked back in could be a forfeiture of the deposit.
Canoes, Kayaks, SUP (Stand Up Paddle Boards) and Pedal Boats
These are found to the East of Cabin 4. Please return them when you are done so others may share in the pleasure of paddling and pedaling. Boats need to drain over night, return them upside down and in the racks if appropriate. We guarantee 4 kayaks, 4 SUP boards and 1 canoe available for resort guests. Additional SUP boards can be rented on a daily or weekly basis. See for details.

Check In
Standard check in time for 2020 is 5pm to give us time to properly sanitize and air out your cabin. We developed a self check-in process for this year. Your check-in documents will be on your kitchen table in the cabin. Sign and place in the lockbox on the left side of the office door next to cabin 8 by the end of the day on Sunday. I am always available for questions, but this guide should provide you most of the information you need for a marvelous vacation.
Check Out
    Weekly visitors usually Sunday to Sunday will now check out by midnight on Saturday. Our cabins will be left empty overnight and airing out so they are fresher and safer for our staff to clean in the morning and for the next guests that check in. This will have also been done for your visit.
            Daily stay visitors, those less than a week: Your check out time remains 9am. New guests will check-in at 5pm to ensure at least an 8 hour resting time.

             Check out tasks: Guest list
            1. Open windows 6 inches, if raining or likely to rain, open just 1 inch
            2. Fill and start dishwasher with as many plates, cups, glasses, and utensils you can fit. It does not matter if clean, we want to         know they are sanitized.
             3. Drop dirty and wet towels in the shower.
             4. Strip beds, puts sheets and pillow cases in the shower also.
             5. Quilts, shams, and blankets can stay on the bed. They will be changed out, but have a different process they go through with             the linens.
             6. Take your trash up to the dumpsters on your way out. 

        Weekly Yoga and Stand Up Paddle Yoga classes are held on site. You are invited to participate and get a generous discount as a resort guest. You can find a schedule of class options online at
        Credit Cards
        While a credit card does need to be on file to reserve and hold your cabin, we prefer a check for the outstanding balance. Payments by credit card other than the initial $100 deposit will incur a 3% processing fee.

        Cribs and High Chairs
        Available on a first come first serve basis for no fee.  

        Fire Pit
        The resort has one fire pit located to the east of Cabin 4. Anyone can start the fire in the evening and everyone is welcome to join in the festivities while maintaining social distancing. Please be mindful that other families may also want to use the fire pit. Dry paper is inside the fish house and free firewood between the trees outside the fish house and at each of the vacation rental homes. NEVER leave the fire pit unattended. If you are last at the pit on any particular evening, drop a bucket of water on the coals and cover the pit with the BBQ top we have in the area. Be fire safe. 

        Fish Cleaning House
        This is the 4-wall screened room to the south and east of Cabin 4. Here you will find running water, lights, a good cleaning board, cleansers, and sanitizers. Put a couple sheets of newspaper on the cleaning board, clean the fish on the newspaper, wrap the guts in that newspaper and then bundle the package into one of the small plastic bags we provide. Tie the bundle tightly and drop into the big covered garbage can. The garbage is emptied daily, generally in the morning. If you notice an odor from the fish house, please let me know. A clean fish house is a happy innkeeper! This garbage can is for fish remains only, not household trash.

        Fishing Boats and Docking Your Boat
        If you haven’t brought a boat with you nor rented one with a motor on it from us, you are welcome to use any of the rowboats found at the docks or on shore without motors on them. You can put your own motor on one of the rowboats. Please see Lynn for docking instructions for your boat. There is no motorized docking at the U-shaped dock. This is a people dock and needs to stay open and available for swimming, fishing, and just sitting around relaxing. Once you have been assigned dock space, please keep the same one for the week.
        Each cabin comes with it’s own charcoal BBQ grill. Grills are cleaned prior to your visit, but not during. Please dispose of your used charcoal in the fire pit especially since it is likely still warm. Vacation rental houses 8, 9, 10, and 11 have gas grills.

        Our housekeeping team works hard to ensure your stay is a great one. If you need extra linens, towels or blankets please contact Lynn. Review our Rental Rate Chart, some items carry additional fees. If you think your cabin is missing something or there is a concern with cleanliness or a broken item, please let me know ASAP so I can fix it. 

        Internet (WiFi) at the Resort
        We have installed hardware to connect all of the cabins to the internet. The lakefront network is called Vacation. The Main Lodge House #8 has a network named Cedaroma. The passwords are the same, 7154791040. (Our phone number.) The FarmHouse #9 has it’s own Frontier network, password: XCJ4F8TJ9LYFMZBX
        Lost and Found
        Contact Lynn at 715-479-1040 if you think you may have left something behind. If we found your item, we will gladly ship to you for the cost of shipping and a $15 handling fee. Likewise, if we find something we believe to be yours we will contact you for instructions.
        Manager on Duty
        We are a casual place with onsite owners, Lynn and Victor. We do not keep office hours because we are probably working on something around the resort. If you don’t see us around and need something, ring 715-479-1040 or text to 715-891-9047.

        Office Services (Copy, Fax, Printing and Shipping) 
        In an effort to stay “Office-Free,” we have no fax machine and with coronavirus, we are unable to share office equipment. However, if you need office type services, Eagle River Copy and Office Supply may be able to help you. They are at 611 East Wall Street. 715-337-2324,

        Paddle outings 
        Each Monday at 1 pm I lead a public paddle outing on various local waterways. Guests are welcome to join at a cost of $15 per paddle board when we are paddling exploring new waterways. Please RSVP so I know to bring enough boards.

        Each cabin has two parking places. If you are trailering, there is additional trailer space next to cabin 7 parking places. If all these spaces are taken, I can help find you a place for your trailer give me a call, 715-479-1040. 

        Protecting your valuables
        Please help us protect your property. No cabin is completely burglar proof and we suggest that you do not leave any valuables in your cabins. We do not assume responsibility for stolen articles.

        Each cabin has a green waste basket and a blue recycling basket. When dumping your bags, the big garbage bin on the left is for recycled products and the one on the right is regular trash. The garbage man picks up Tuesday year round and Friday mornings during the summer. Help us keep a clean resort, please have your trash in the dumpsters Monday and Thursday nights.
        Reservations for 2021
        With a $100 deposit we can confirm your 2021 visit. NOTE: weekly-stay guests have first right of renewal on a cabin for the following season and indicate interest by leaving a $100 deposit prior to departure. The deposit secures your cabin until 12/1/2020, at which point the remainder of the 25% deposit is due. If you cancel prior to the 12/1 due date, the full $100 deposit is refunded. If after 12/1 the full $100 deposit is forfeit. This year some of our 2021 cabins are pre-booked by long-time guests who were unable to make their summer 2020 trip, but deferred to the same week, following year. If this is your first year with us, be sure to ask if your cabin is available for 2021. We would love to have you back.

        Sanitizer Stations 
        We have located 4 foam hand sanitizer dispensers around the resort: On the beach wall in front of Cabin 2, On the lake facing wall of the storage closest, next to the fish house, On the bench across from the volleyball/basket ball court, and at the office front door. 
        We have put sanitizer and paper towels on the U-shaped dock, kayak/ fire pit area, basketball court and at the bicycles. Please sanitize chairs, paddles, vessels, balls, horseshoes and bicycle handle bars and seats after use.

        Social Distancing
        Safe-in-place at our place. We take this to heart. Please be mindful of others and keep an appropriate distance when in public spaces. Be aware that others might also want ti be on the big U-shaped dock or at the fire pit. Share and distance. Together we can make it work for everyone. If you think we need to intervene in a situation, please let us know. We would far rather us negotiate the few vacation challenges that can come up than to have guests get frustrated trying to work out a situation themselves. 

        Swimming Beach
        Swim at your own risk, there is no lifeguard on duty. Children are the responsibility of their parents and must be accompanied by an adult.
        For 2020 we are offering 3 weekly classes: beach yoga on Tuesdays and Fridays at 10am and stand up paddle yoga on Saturdays at 10am. We also host paddle board rentals and paddling outings on random area waterways. We can also design private programs just for you and your family... let me know your wishes and we will do our best to make it happen! Cedaroma Guest get a generous discount. Please RSVP with Lynn.